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Cheers to Charity

Ertel a Ray of Light for Harambee’s Kids

18-06-2015 Hits:1377 Cheers to Charity  - avatar Mirjam Swanson

Ertel a Ray of Light for Harambee’s Kids

At the start, one student at a time approached with a hug for Grandma Dorothy. But that didn’t last long. Just a few “hellos!” later, La Cañada Flint...

Union Station 5K Runs for a Cause

04-03-2015 Hits:1070 Cheers to Charity  - avatar Charlie Peters

Union Station 5K Runs for a Cause

Each Sunday, one of Union Station Homeless Services’ most dedicated volunteers makes his way over to the organization’s Adult Center to serve food to ...

Tuesday, Dec. 2 is Giving Tuesday

26-11-2014 Hits:1257 Cheers to Charity  - avatar Outlook Newspapers

Tuesday, Dec. 2 is Giving Tuesday

In the hours following Thanksgiving, countless bargain hunters will head to stores all over the nation in anticipation of Black Friday sales, camping ...

Pasadena Gallery

23 Joanna and Courtney Kibbe
10 Park Cockerill Mohan Chandramohn and John Johnson -1
5 Arthur Stetson Graig Hooley and Bob Meyer-1
21 Brian and Casey Gale
9 Glen Beatti (front row from left). Alex Rivera Vatche Hagopian A.J. Yates Back- Garrett Ohara Sean Beatti Jon Dubner and Jack Bouchard -1
Chandler's Balancing Act
25 Virginia Conway and Jennifer Bartlett
7 Joe Ouzounian Jeff Dixon Brent Jones and Terry Krupczak -1

La Cañada Flintridge Gallery

0308 untitled

San Marino Gallery

8 Bob McAllister and Alice Schoenfeld -1
6 Nathan Wong and Felix Jen -1
25 Frances Kimbrough and Joe Gorman -1
4 Peggy Ebright Nick Nicholas Diane Collison and Elsbeth Wittler -1
20 Sel Kardan and Joe Coulombe -1
22 Kim Ruys de Perez and Carlene Miller -1
7 Tiffany Kang-1
26 Muffy and Sam Hunt -1
21 Jim and Robin Walther-1

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