El Portal Clients, Staff Are All in the Family

Retirement agrees with El Portal owner and Pasadena mainstay Abel Ramirez. Well, kind of.
The restauranteur has been “practicing retirement” for two years now, but most days, you’ll still find him at the Mexican and Yucatan specialty restaurant.
“I’m still having fun with the businesses,” said Abel who turns 75 this week. “There are still a lot of risks and stresses, but what keeps me sane is that I have fun with it. Everybody should do what they love.” Continue reading “El Portal Clients, Staff Are All in the Family”

Officials Honor Outgoing Longtime City Attorney

He will be gone, but not a ghost, and he certainly won’t be forgotten.
Steve Dorsey, a partner with Richards, Watson and Gershon Attorneys at Law, has formally resigned as the city attorney for San Marino. Dorsey, who grew up here and continues to live here, had served his hometown since May 14, 1986.
“I know I was not thinking 31 years ahead to tonight,” Dorsey said, reflecting on his appointment at the Wednesday, May 10, City Council meeting, “but I do recall how excited I was at the opportunity to represent the city that my family had chosen to call home. That excitement has proven to be well-founded.”
Steve Flower will take over as city attorney. Continue reading “Officials Honor Outgoing Longtime City Attorney”

LCF Dentists Keep it All in the Family

La Cañada Flintridge has its Oscar-winning artists and its NASA scientists and, also, its family of five-star dentists.
“It’s like where science and art combine,” said Dr. Brandon Ho, of his family’s chosen field. “I dream about it. I love it.”
His father, Dr. Ken Ho, has been in the business — not the teeth business, but the people business, he’ll tell you — in LCF since 1980, when he purchased the La Cañada dental practice and established a local legacy that now spans generations. Continue reading “LCF Dentists Keep it All in the Family”

LCF Pianists Win Chopin Competition With Flair

Neither winner felt as though he or she played particularly well at all. The judges heard it differently.
At the recent Kathryn Gawartin Chopin Competition, a keen-listening panel anointed Michael Smith (who lives on Crown Avenue in La Cañada Flintridge) and Sabrina Tsoi (who attends Flintridge Prep, a few blocks down Crown) as the best players in their respective age groups at the seventh annual version of the prestigious contest, which was held in Beverly Hills. Continue reading “LCF Pianists Win Chopin Competition With Flair”

LCHS Sees Fewer Suspensions With Counseling Options

Over the course of this school year, administrators at La Cañada High School made it a point to keep misbehaved students on campus whenever possible, said Assistant Principal Mary Hazlett, who is in charge of discipline.
There were fewer suspensions in 2016-17, she told La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board members Tuesday. She said there have been 13 “out-of-school” suspensions for a total of 41 days, and 13 “in-school” suspensions, totalling 26 days. (A year ago, there were 34 out-of-school suspensions for a total of 86 days.) Continue reading “LCHS Sees Fewer Suspensions With Counseling Options”

College Kids Home for Summer Can Shoulder Responsibilities

Dear Parent Coach,
My daughter is just finishing her freshman year at college and is coming home for the summer. Of course we’re excited to have her back, but it feels a bit awkward not knowing how to deal with a few issues. I’m wondering if I should allow her to have a messy “dorm room,” and are the days of having household chores over? Do we set curfews, or will she keep college hours — after all, we haven’t known how late she’s been coming in while at college. I’d appreciate ideas on how to handle some of these questions.
Thanks, Mom Continue reading “College Kids Home for Summer Can Shoulder Responsibilities”