A Changing of the Guard in San Marino

A significant shift of power occurred in San Marino last week as two new members joined the City Council, a new mayor was appointed and a new president named to the School Board.
Dr. Steven Huang and Steve Talt, who won seats to the City Council in the Nov. 3 election, were sworn in at the start of last week’s meeting. They replace two-term incumbents Dennis Kneier and Eugene Sun, who were voted out of office in a lopsided election.
Meanwhile, on the School Board, Lisa Link stepped down as president at the conclusion of her one-year term, making way for new President Nam Jack.
The first order of business for Huang and Talt was to facilitate the process of appointing Dr. Allan Yung to the role of mayor and Dr. Richard Sun to the position of vice mayor.
Yung replaces Eugene Sun, who served an extended term as mayor — 18 months — because of Kneier’s resignation from the post midway through 2014.
“I am deeply honored to have represented the citizens of this great city for the past eight years,” Sun said. “I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve. I hope I have not disappointed you, and that your city is in better shape financially and fiscally today than it was eight years ago.
“Of course, this would not be possible with collaboration and support from my colleagues on the City Council, as well as the city staff, because they’re the ones who carry out the council’s directives.”
At the School Board meeting, Link also expressed gratitude for her colleagues and San Marino Unified School district administration.
Jack praised Link, saying, “I think you have to realize that for me — and I hope for all of the other board members — that there are very, very few people that I respect and admire as much as you. You have been able to travel the entire spectrum of intellect, as well as emotional sensitivity. You have been a friend to the district.”
Joseph Chang was named board vice president, Shelley Ryan clerk.
New City Councilmen Huang and Talt each received the oath of office from Judge Elizabeth Feffer while accompanied by members of their families. Talt later broke up while acknowledging his deceased parents.
Fifty-eight years ago, he said, they “brought me home to this great city in diapers and taught me that San Marino is a great place, and taught me that when you believe in a great place, do everything you can to keep it that way.”

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