Parenting With Grateful Hearts

Dear Parents,
Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we begin to look forward to family traditions, family feasts with well-loved recipes, extended family reconnections, family football favorites, family faith and family love in abundance.
As our country attempts to recover from an exhausting and emotion-filled election season, Thanksgiving comes at just the right time — a time to express gratitude for God’s blessings; time to acknowledge those who acted on the passions of strong beliefs to acquire religious freedom; and time to appreciate the history and principles on which America was founded.
In spite of great differences, all Americans can be united in gratitude for this great nation we share and are blessed to live in.
Parents from the foothill communities have shared, from grateful hearts, what they are thankful for in these challenging years of raising their children. Even during the current uncertainty in our country, these parents recognize their blessings and express gratitude for:
A – Adventuresome spirits, guardian Angels, Aunties, good Advice, Affectionate touches, imaginative Artwork and positive Attitudes
B – Books, Bedtime stories, Bath time with duckies, Babies, Balanced life, Babysitters, Bringing in the trash cans and Boy Scouts
C – Comforts of home, Cuddling, Cooking together, Church Community, Commitment of spouse, Consideration by others and Compassion
D – Dads, Dinner together, Dancing, Determination, Dimples, Desserts, Dogs and living in a Democracy
E – Enthusiasm, Energy, Eating out, Eye-opening Experiences and Eskimo kisses
F – Friendships, Forgiveness for mistakes, Fun times shared, Food, Faith, Flexibility and Family traditions
G – God’s Guidance, Grandparents, Giggles, Gratitude, Grace and Games we play together
H – Hugs in good times, Hugs in bad times, Holding hands, Healthy children, Hopefulness, Home, Honesty and Help with chores
I – Inquisitive little minds, family Integrity, Innocence of children, Indian Guides, Immunizations that keep children healthy and Inner beauty
J – Joy that children bring, a Job that supports a family and children’s corny Jokes
K – Kisses generously given, Kind words, Kidding around and flying Kites on a windy day
L – Laughter to share, Libraries, Love in abundance and Listening to each other carefully
M – Meals with family, Making Memories, Morning freshness, Motherhood, Marriage, Movie nights and Microwave ovens
N – Naps, Nighttime peace, good Neighbors, Nature, Nurturing children, Night stars and No-worry days
O – Open to talking and sharing, Optimism, Offers to help and Opportunities to serve others
P – Pizza night, Playfulness, Prayer, Persistence, Partnering in Parenthood, Patience
Q – Questions children ask, Quiet moments, Quick completion of homework, Quarrels diffused between siblings
R – Responsibility, Reading out loud, Rolling on the grass and Racing in the park, Respect
S – Sense of humor, Smiles, Snuggling, excellent Schools, Support of friends and Summer
T – Trees for climbing, good Teachers, family Travel, Tickles, Tuck-in-time, Tenderness, Time alone, Trust of one another and Tears of joy
U – Uniqueness of each child, family Unity and Unconditional love
V – Values, Voices that say “Mom”, Vacations, Vivacity, Venturing out with kids and Velcro for sneakers
W – Wisdom, family Walks and Wanderings, clean Water, child-like Wonder, Wagons full of kids and Weekends
X – Xtra kisses, Xtra grace shown to children (and to parents) and Xrays that show no problems
Y – Young sharp minds, church Youth groups, Yawns at bedtime and Yesterday’s troubles gone away
Z – Zest for life, the Zoo, and zzzzzzzzzz healing sleep for children and their parents
Thanks to the grateful parents in my Parent Education classes for sharing their family gratitude. Their children are blessed to have them for parents.

Enjoy a grateful Thanksgiving!

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