San Marino Majority Voted for Clinton; 48.5% Turnout

The voter turnout last week for San Marino was the lowest national election turnout in years but that wasn’t the only bucked trend in this year’s presidential contest.
Out of 8,205 registered voters in the city, 3,979 cast ballots in the Nov. 8 election. This amounted to a 48.49% turnout.By comparison, 6,277 voters out of the registered 8,674 cast ballots in the 2012 presidential election (a 72.37% turnout) and 6,750 voters out of 8,325 registered voters cast ballots in the 2008 presidential election (a whopping 81.08% turnout).
On top of the substantially lower local turnout, this year’s presidential election — heavy on rhetoric and frequently divisive with establishment Democrat Hillary Clinton and populist Republican Donald Trump headlining the ballots — also saw San Marino voters flip a different direction, politically speaking.
Of this year’s votes, 2,046 went to Clinton, overtaking the 1,553 cast for Trump.
In 2012, 3,560 San Marino residents voted for Republican Mitt Romney, as opposed to the 2,480 who voted for the now-outgoing Democrat Barack Obama’s re-election.
And then in 2008, a similar 3,595 in San Marino voted for Republican John McCain, although Obama’s votes were slightly more competitive in his inaugural contest. He earned 2,950 votes from San Marino in 2008.
Clinton won 51.42% of San Marino’s vote this year, compared to Trump’s 39.03%. By comparison, Romney won 56.71% of San Marino’s vote in 2012 to Obama’s 39.51%. In 2008, McCain took 53.26% of the San Marino vote to Obama’s 43.7%.
San Marino’s voter turnout in the past has trended substantially higher than the national average. However, this year’s turnout lined up with the national turnout.
In local races, Los Angeles County District 5 Supervisor-elect Kathryn Barger — a San Marino resident — swept her hometown with 2,365 votes compared to the 867 who voted for her challenger, Altadena-based Darrell Park.
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