City to Modify Old Mill Funding Friday

The City Council will discuss adding more than $10,000 for the improvement of the Old Mill at its Friday morning meeting.
The additional money will help the Old Mill complete its current projects, which have already installed new kitchen cabinetry, appliances and a renovated shower stall. Remaining are two new ramadas (roofed open-air structures) and a new trash enclosure.
The Old Mill Foundation started off with $52,000 for all of the improvements. The projects that have been completed so far have totaled $29,069, leaving $22,931 for those remaining. However, the lowest bid on the three items was $38,280, leaving a gap of more than $15,000.
The city’s Parks and Public Works Department agreed earlier this month to complete the trash enclosure in-house, shaving about $6,000 off the bid price. This brings the gap down to $10,362.
City staff is recommending the City Council approve the appropriations to complete the project.
The City Council also is expected to receive and file the audit report for the 2015-16 fiscal year, as well as reports for the infrastructure investment program, crime reduction plan and end-of-year traffic.
There also will be a closed session for the City Council to discuss two matters of potential litigation involving the city, to discuss the timing of increasing revenues for California-American Water Co. and to meet with labor negotiators.
The City Council meets at 8 a.m. on Friday at City Hall.

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