Four Cities Identified as Potential Sister Cities Match

About 145 residents attending the inaugural La Cañada Flintridge Sister Cities meeting last week learned that their city has a quartet of serious suitors in the diplomatic version of the “Dating Game.”

Photo courtesy Mary Emily Myers | OUTLOOK<br /> La Cañada Flintridge Sister Cities Association
Photo courtesy Mary Emily Myers | OUTLOOK
La Cañada Flintridge Sister Cities Association Former La Cañada Flintridge Mayor Steve Del Guercio, Sister Cities Association President Vicki Schwartz and City Councilman Dave Spence celebrated the burgeoning program at a fundraising dinner last week. The three were integral in helping to launch the local program that is seeking to establish a sister-city relationship with a foreign municipality, likely in Germany or Spain.

Germany’s Bad Homburg and Oberursel are in contention, as are Spain’s Donostia-San Sebastian and Villanueva de La Cañada, according to Vicki Schwartz, president of the new LCF Sister Cities Association.

LCF is entering into an international program that’s 60 years old. It’s seeking a sister-city relationship, or a long-term, cooperative agreement between two cities in different countries through which cultural, educational, business and technical exchanges take place.
Currently, LCF is engaged in the Sister Cities International’s “Cities Seeking Cities” program that helps member cities find potential sister city matches.
“It really is like dating,” Schwartz told supporters during a recent dinner at the La Cañada Flintridge Country Club. “You send a letter and a gift, and you might get a letter and a gift back right away, or in three weeks. It’s a really interesting process and it might take up to two years to find a sister-city relationship. It’s an interesting relationship that we’re entering right now.”

— Mirjam Swanson

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