YMCA Launches New Balance Classes

YMCA of the Foothills is launching a new program called Fallproof Balance and Mobility, part of the Balance and Thrive Initiative, which aims to help seniors maintain their balance and lead happy, healthy and active lifestyles.
The classes will be offered Fridays 10:45 a.m.-noon at the CCY location, and Fridays 1-2 p.m. at the VHY location. Tuesdays, the class will be held at the Crescenta Valley Methodist Church from 9:30-10:45 a.m.
Fallproof Balance and Mobility is a scientifically designed and tested program that addresses risk factors for falls and helps reduce the fear of falling. It was developed through Cal State Fullerton at the Center for Successful Aging. The training method involves informative lecture, testing for balance impairments and exercises for rehabilitation. Students work at their own level and are assessed periodically to measure progress.
Seniors often are faced with declining activity levels as a result of their fear of falling. Every year debilitating falls are a major cause of injury and mortality among those in our elderly community. With Fallproof Balance and Mobility, and the other classes offered in the group exercise classes such as Tai Chi, the YMCA says it hopes to provide seniors with the skills and confidence to maintain reliable and healthy balance.

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