Laudeman Fares Well in Shooting Championship

San Marino native Brett Laudeman, a junior at Clemson University, competed in the California State Sporting Clays Championship held at Triple B Clays in El Monte. Among very tough professional and state-level competitors, Laudeman completed the three-day event and earned first in prelims and first HOA (high overall) in Class B shooting with a Beretta Dt 11.

Brett Laudeman, center, competed in the California State Sporting Clays Championship.

In April 2016, Laudeman, who is a member of the Clemson Shotgun Club travel team, attended the ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championship at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas. Clearing the deck of more than 600 collegiate competitors, Laudeman placed in 5-Stand: third nationally in the Open/Master Class and first nationally in the A Class, the latter of which he took in a five-way shoot-off in front of more than 1,000 spectators.
Clemson finished fourth school HOA: The previous two years, Clemson made the top three school HOA against longtime top Division 2 contenders: Texas A&M, Midland University, Martin Methodist and Fort Hays State University. Under Coach Rick Willey, the young Clemson Shotgun team’s mission is to “promote shooting sports on the collegiate level and provide safe instruction of firearms to Clemson students.”
Laudeman was hooked on episode one when the History Channel’s “Top Shot” debuted in 2010. Immediately, Laudeman prioritized academics at Mayfield Junior School and subsequently Pasadena’s Polytechnic School, around every “Top Shot” episode — never missing one. Roberts recently turned PSCA pro, having gained sponsorships with Fiocchi Ammunition, Oakley Shooting Glasses, and Kicks Choke Tubes and Targets.

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