LCHS Carjacking Attempt Thwarted

Three juveniles were arrested after attempting to steal a car on Feb. 15 from the La Cañada High School parking lot, according to LCHS 7/8 Principal Jarrett Gold.
Gold said a student was sitting in the car at around 6:30 p.m. waiting for his mother and sister to return from a meeting when three youth — none of whom were La Cañada Unified School District students — approached and demanded the car’s keys.
“The kid ran, there was a little struggle,” Gold said. “The juveniles got the key but never took the car — and the custodians came to the rescue like the heroes they are. And the kids took off running.”
Those custodians — who Gold identified as Melvin, Carl and Alvin — heard screaming and ran toward the commotion.
Gold also said Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s deputies needed less than an hour to track down all three of the alleged perpetrators in Hahamongna Watershed Park across the street, and that all three remained in juvenile detention on Wednesday morning.
“It was a little scary,” said Gold, who said the sheriff’s deputies assured LCHS staff that it was an isolated incident and not part of a wide crime pattern.
“It was more of an impulsive thing it seemed like,” Gold said. “I don’t think it was planned or orchestrated. I assume they saw a car on with a kid in the driver’s seat and tried this.”
Gold said he and counseling staff kept an eye on the student who had evaded the alleged carjackers, and that he seems to be fine.
In an email to parents, Gold wrote about the fact that the district employs additional security on long weekends and vacation periods. He also reminded everyone to lock their vehicles, to avoid leaving valuable items unattended in vehicles and to always remain aware.

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