SM Police Dept. Joins Local Burglary Task Force

In response to clearer trends in residential burglaries in San Marino and surrounding cities, the San Marino Police Department has lent its hand to a local law enforcement burglary task force to help curb such crimes.
Police Chief John Incontro said SMPD, along with the San Gabriel Police Department, Alhambra Police Department and South Pasadena Police Department, will collaborate and share resources to help combat the burglaries that have afflicted homeowners across the jurisdictions.
“The suspects are not just exclusive to certain locations,” Incontro said. “They’re working all over. We’ve had several arrests that are multi-agency.”
Two plainclothes detectives from each agency will rotate among each of the four jurisdictions for a week at a time, mostly during the daytime, in an effort to gather intelligence and continue identifying trends in problem areas. Incontro said most home break-ins happen during the day — presumably when people are at work — and tend to occur during the week. A recent development, he added, is that burglars have been operating on Saturdays.
“It’s mostly daytime, but we’ve seen about eight burglaries in the last couple of months on Saturdays,” he said. “It used to be mostly Tuesday through Friday.”
For San Marino, Incontro said burglars appear to be targeting the northeast corner of town, specifically between Huntington Drive and California Boulevard and San Gabriel Boulevard and Winston Avenue.
Part of the extra work will include continued use of the patrol helicopter, courtesy of SMPD, Incontro said.
On a related note, Incontro noted a recent victory in the fight against burglaries. Recently, there was a conviction for burglaries that happened in 2014 in the 1200 block of Oak Grove Avenue and in 2015 in the 2500 block of Lombardy Road. The burglar, a 27-year-old Pasadena gang member with previous convictions and pending trials, was sentenced to seven years in prison (there was another four-year sentence, but it will run concurrent with the seven years).
“Seven years for burglary is pretty good for these times,” Incontro said, noting that video and DNA evidence helped identify and apprehend the burglar.
Homeowners are advised to fully lock their homes upon leaving and to activate any additional security systems or alarms. As always, residents also are advised to contact SMPD if they notice any suspicious activity and also for home checks if they are away for extended periods of time.

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