San Marino Eagle Scouts Earn Recognition

Allen Liu

Allen Liu’s childhood memories at the San Marino Recreation center prompted him to give back to the center. His project involved clearing out an old emergency exit that had been overrun by dead plants and debris, as well as attaching a gate to the alley. His Eagle project took 150 hours to plan and execute. Now a senior at San Marino High School, Allen began Scouting in 2nd grade, and has enjoyed it ever since. He is still heavily involved in his own Boy Scout Troop 359, serving as leader for the past two terms, and plans to remain in a leadership role. Allen is the son of John Liu and Yi Su and brother of Camille Liu.

Cole Mallory

Cole Mallory’s Eagle project took place in the Food Forest at the Huntington Library. The Food Forest is an orchard that contains many different types of fruit trees that were moved from other developed areas of Los Angeles. It produces fruit that different organizations and the public are able to use for food. His Eagle project consisted of cultivating the area around each tree, then adding a layer of cardboard and mulch to prevent weeds from growing. Overall, about 200 hours were spent executing this project. Now a senior at San Marino High School, Mallory began scouting in 2nd grade, and has enjoyed it ever since. He is the son of Michael and Anne Mallory and brother of Catherine.

Christopher Stonnington

Christopher  Stonnington, a member of Troop 359, chose the Huntington Gardens for his Eagle project because he always enjoyed visiting the gardens growing up. His project was completed this past July. It consisted of assembling, installing and testing a drip irrigation system which watered ferns attached to trees.  There were 86 trees, each with from two to four ferns. The ferns previously had to be hand-watered.  He is grateful to the many volunteers who helped make his project a success. Christopher is a senior at Loyola High School in Los Angeles. His older brothers, Nicholas and Andrew, are also Eagle Scouts.

Thomas Tsai

Thomas Tsai started his scouting career in Cub Scouts and later joined troop 359. He has held several leadership positions, including patrol leader, den chief and senior patrol leader.
For his Eagle project, Tsai worked with the Crowell Public Library. He organized a group to refinish counters and shelves, repair chairs and build a multi-purpose desk.
Tsai is a senior at San Marino High School, where he is a member of ASB, link crew and peer mentoring. He would like to pursue a career in business-marketing and is looking forward to responses from USC, Chapman University and other colleges.

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