Hillside School Students Visit Edwards Air Force Base

Hillside School students were literally winging it early one recent morning as they readied for a field trip to Edwards Air Force Base in Rosamond, California. Edwards, which is an active Air Force base, is the fabled home of some of America’s most high-performing planes and pilots, including Chuck Yeager. The base hosts test flights for many military as well as NASA aircraft under development, and is the site from which most fighter and stealth aircraft leave to appear in western U.S. air shows and events.
Students were able to visit and hear lectures at the base’s Test Flight Museum, view aircraft developed and operated at Edwards, see hangers and visit the NASA Space Shuttle museum. The students saw airplanes dating back to World War II as well as retired SR Blackbirds and still-active aircraft, including B-1 bombers, F-35s and more.
It was an active day for the Air Force pilots, which pleased the students. “We got to see several pairs of F-35’s take off, maneuver and land throughout the day. It was pretty awesome!” said Alex Smith.
“The kids had a great time and were complimented by NASA officials on how much knowledge they seemed to have, as well as their behavior. Always nice to hear both,” said Robert Frank, director of the school.
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Photo courtesy Hillside School
James Siebels (from left), Lennon Bryden, Jason Goldhammer, Tanner Soohoo, Matt Flynn, Zhanna Weil, Olivia Cade, Daniel Park, Alex Smith, Winnie Crews, Jet Thorton, Tenley Bruni and Isaiah Crews

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