Hogg’s Hollow Students Get Green Thumbs

The recent rains have not stopped Hogg’s Hollow preschool and kindergarten students from studying gardening. Thanks to an aeroponic tower garden, they have been growing vegetables such as lettuce, kale, herbs and tomatoes, and learning some early lessons in botany and self-sufficiency in the process.
Rather than planting seedlings in standard dirt-filled garden beds, the plants are growing in a tower system that circulates nutrient-infused water to feed the vegetables’ roots. Parent Christopher Lay, who is leading the class project, says they’re already seeing some success — both with the greenery and the kids’ response.

“The lesson is different with a water garden merely by the fact that there are alternatives to the norm. The kids already know about dirt gardens, now it is time to discover alternative processes that are nevertheless functionally equivalent,” said Lay. “So far the kids seem to be curious and excited.”
Hogg’s Hollow will host an open hose for prospective families and students on March 12 from 10 a.m.-noon. For more information, call the school at (818) 790-1700.

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