Bike Rodeo Teaches Street Safety on April 1

A free bike rodeo for students of all ages will take place Saturday, April 1, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on the blacktop at San Marino High School. The space will replicate a community street with backdrops of buildings, including sidewalks, bike lanes, prop cars, intersections, crosswalks, traffic signs, traffic signals and railroad tracks.
Sponsored by the city of San Marino and Caltrans for the Huntington Drive Safe Streets Corridor Plan, the event will have SafeMoves instructors to take participants through the rodeo on bikes pointing out hazards, rules of the road, the importance of being alert and not being distracted, staying focused on their environment, understanding driver behavior, helmet safety, pedestrian safety and how to be safer bike riders (and skateboarders) while riding or rolling through their neighborhoods.
The SafeMoves staff teaches age-appropriately and makes the bike safety training fun and engaging, while participants learn life-saving lessons.

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