Garden Club Studies Native Plants

The San Marino Garden Club recently welcomed guest speaker Lili Singer from the Theodore Payne Foundation. She spoke on the “Joys of Gardening With Native Plants” at the club’s recent meeting.
Singer presented a slide show on native plants and the insects that create a healthy and bountiful garden. Native plants are a gardener’s joy, attracting and supporting hummingbirds, butterflies and many other pollinators, with no need for soil amendments or fertilizers. Once established, native plant gardens need just one-seventh of the water of a traditional garden. California is home to approximately 6,500 native plant species, subspecies and varieties — more than all of the other contiguous states combined.
New member Lisa Wong was welcomed; she will become the new treasurer for the club. San Marino Garden Club meetings are held every month, and all members and guests are encouraged to bring plants and seeds to exchange.

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