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Morgan Danielle Manning
Morgan Danielle Manning

Morgan Danielle Manning was born on Feb. 6, 2003, at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena to Kerwin and Madelyn Manning. Morgan was the second child of this union. Both she and her older sister Madison were miracles considering Kerwin and Madelyn were told they could not conceive children.
Morgan was a chubby little baby. People would say she looked like her dad and others would affectionately call her “Little Mona” because she looked so much like her grandmother, Ramona. As Morgan matured, Madelyn took pride in seeing Morgan starting to look and sound just like her.
For a long time, Morgan was quiet, very observant, and had a stare that could look right through a person. But once she started talking, she never stopped. She would carry the conversation from her car seat, seldom letting her parents or her big sister get a word in edgewise. Morgan was very determined and independent. She wouldn’t let anyone help her, not even with tying her shoes or pulling her teeth. Her theme phrase was “I can do it.”
Morgan attended Pasadena Christian School from pre-school through her final year, 8th grade. She loved being part of the PCS community. At the age of 6, Morgan accepted Christ during a chapel service at school. She couldn’t wait to tell her parents the good news knowing that, as pastors, this is what they desired most for her. She was later baptized by her father at Pasadena Church.
Morgan was actively involved in numerous activities including performing arts, drama, worship team and her favorite, the cheer team. She was honored to have been named co-captain her final year and she took this responsibility very seriously. Morgan was looking forward to the 8th grade east coast trip with her BFF Gabbi and fellow classmates. And she was extremely excited about graduating in May. She and her dad were preparing a special handshake for when he would, as a board member, personally award her diploma. She had been accepted to Maranatha High School’s class of 2021.
In addition to numerous ministry activities in school, Morgan was very involved in her church. She loved babies and little children and thoroughly enjoyed assisting in the nursery. She served at “Food For Faith” and sang in the children’s choir and the youth choir. She was becoming a worship leader and would lead songs with the adult choir as well. She danced with spirit and truth, participated in “Kids-Zone” and the next level junior high ministry. Morgan also enjoyed the Heroes Academy for Girls, started by her mother for the purpose of empowering young ladies to discover their God-given purpose and destiny.
Morgan was self-taught in most things and diligent at practicing and perfecting her gifts and talents of singing, dancing, music and public speaking. Morgan studied for hours and believed she could accomplish anything. As she stated during her interview for acceptance into Maranatha, she wanted to be a performer and a pastor.
Morgan was naturally affectionate and compassionate, giving hugs to everyone she met. She had a huge heart and would embrace all people, regardless of age, gender or nationality. God used her greatly on the mission field as she traveled to Japan twice (2011 and 2013), South Africa (2015), and Nicaragua (2016). She learned to make beautiful origami and sang in Zulu and Spanish. People of each nation remarked about her warm hugs, loving smile and friendly, infectious personality.
Morgan loved being with her two grandmothers. For many years Grammy Eleanor would keep both of the girls every weekend while living in California. Morgan’s love for sewing and cooking were the result of time spent with Grammy. Morgan and Madison would spend their summers in Toledo, Ohio, with Nana Ramona. Nana especially would give Morgan and Madison everything they wanted, while Auntie Keesha and cousins Saria, David, Jonathan and Janel would let them do whatever they wanted. Back in California, Morgan enjoyed special weekends with cousin Angelyce for some much-needed girl time. She loved spending time with cousin Mylan, who would make cheesy rice and force the girls to watch the movie “Sky High” over and over again. Morgan also looked forward to making gingerbread houses every Christmas with her Godmother Sacha, and with Kyle and Emma. She loved riding in her Godfather Bubbie’s sports car, joking with him about fashion and checking on him while he composed music.
Out of all the relationships Morgan valued, it was clear that her relationship with her sister Madison was the one she treasured most. In her early years, she just wanted to be like big sister Maddy and wanted everything Maddy had. As Morgan grew into her own, discovering her unique qualities and style, her admiration for her sister never waned. They often got on each other’s nerves, but their love for each other was strong. This was especially evident in Morgan’s tribute to her sister during Maddy’s sweet 16 party as she openly expressed her love and adoration.
Even with such a broad range of experiences, accomplishments and adventures, what Morgan loved most was family time. The “Fantastic Four” did everything together and those special times will be cherished forever.
Forever celebrating Morgan’s life and cherishing her memory are her parents Kerwin and Madelyn Manning; sister Madison Manning; paternal grandmother Ramona Manning; maternal grandmother Eleanor Whittington; aunt Keesha James, uncles Miguel Whittington, Mark Whittington and Richard Manning; “The Cousins”; Godfather Darin Atwater (Bubbie); Godmother Sasha Moore; Aunt Cookie; her Pasadena Church family; PCS community and a host of other relatives, loved ones and friends.

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