SM Woman Arrested After Speedy Chase, Crash

A San Marino woman faces charges of causing injuries while evading police and reckless driving after allegedly leading San Marino police officers on a high-speed chase down Huntington Drive on Monday night.
Joyce Yanjean Hsu, 29, was arrested in the 1600 block of Huntington Drive after careening her Toyota Camry sedan into a light pole, ending the chase. She was treated at Huntington Hospital for injuries before being arrested.
According to a news release from Sgt. Tim Tebbetts with San Marino Police Department, a patrol officer tried to pull over Hsu on eastbound Huntington Drive near its intersection with San Marino Avenue for an unspecified traffic violation. Hsu sped away down Huntington Drive, according to the release.
Hsu allegedly drove recklessly through a series of residential streets, running several stop signs and red lights in the process. While speeding down westbound Huntington Drive, Hsu lost control of her car and crashed into the Starbucks building, causing minor damage.
Hsu is said to have backed up her car, cut through the Starbucks parking lot and continued through residential streets and Huntington Drive. She lost control of her car again while driving on eastbound Huntington Drive, colliding with the light pole.
Officers with South Pasadena Police Department and San Gabriel Police Department assisted SMPD in traffic control and response to the Starbucks collision. Officers with California Highway Patrol assisted with the light pole collision.
Those with information are urged to contact Tebbetts at (626) 300-0722.
— Zane Hill

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