Home Invasion: Masked Men Tie Up, Rob Family

Three masked men allegedly tied up and robbed a couple in their 60s and their adult son on New Year’s Eve at their home in the 800 block of Flintridge Avenue, authorities said.
One of the men allegedly carried a handgun, according to Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Sgt. Alan Chu, who said none of the residents were injured. The assailants allegedly stole an undisclosed amount of cash, a 50-year-old .38 special revolver and the victims’ cellphones.
Chu said there were “similarities” between this home invasion and the one reported on Dec. 12 in the 800 block of Inverness Drive.
“It’s not just happening here, it’s happening all over the valley, the San Gabriel Valley and the San Fernando Valley,” Chu said. “It’s one of the most violent things and the most intrusive things you can [experience]. We’re taking it very seriously.”
In the latest incident, Chu said the victims described the suspects as black men wearing black ski masks, black gloves and black clothing.
According to the sheriff’s incident report, the suspects appear to have entered the residence through the kitchen, after one of them grabbed the home’s female occupant in the backyard.
The woman said she was in her backyard at about 8:30 p.m. when one of the suspects grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth, telling her to be quiet before the other two suspects appeared. She said she told them her husband and son were upstairs, and that two of the suspects entered the home while the first suspect stayed with her and demanded money.
She said she gave the suspect money from her purse and her husband’s wallet before she was forced upstairs and told to lie on the carpet next to her husband and son, and then restrained as the suspects allegedly opened drawers and cabinets throughout the home.
Her husband told investigators he had been upstairs when he heard his wife scream. He said he did not immediately think much of it, believing she might have seen a rat.
Then, he said, before he could go downstairs to see what was going on, one of the suspects entered the room and pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at him, telling him to get on the floor face down after which his hands and feet were restrained.
For the next 15 minutes, the suspects allegedly proceeded to question and threaten the victims, demanding money as they ransacked the home.
The suspects allegedly told the victims not to call the police, but after waiting until everything was quiet, the home’s male occupant broke free and called 911.
According to the incident report, investigators observed numerous footprints in the dirt area of the backyard. A neighbor with cameras needed to contact his security company to access playback of video that might have captured images of the suspects.
“We’re collecting every clue we can,” said Chu, who said those clues include the collection of DNA evidence.
“If you see something, call right away,” Chu added. “Anything suspicious, let us know so we can track them down. Write down a license plate [or] give us a call so we can check it out, and do it sooner than later. Our response time is great, if someone sees them going in, we can be there in minutes. That one tip could solve the case and stop this from happening.”
Anyone with information about the incident can call the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station at (818) 248-3464.

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