French Students Tell Stories to LCE 3rd Graders

Photos by Mirjam Swanson / OUTLOOK
La Cañada High School French students Grey Ingrassia and Amanda Laus read their book, “Amitie est Assez,” aloud to a pair of La Cañada Elementary School 3rd-graders.

La Cañada High School French 3 students took a field trip last week to La Cañada Elementary School, where they enjoyed quality story time with 3rd-grade Spanish students.
The older students took turns reading and translating stories they’d written themselves — in French, of course — by following the illustrated prompts from a program that allowed them to produce professional-looking books.
Some of the titles included “Un Jour a la Plage” (“A Day at the Beach”), “Le Loup Heureux” (“The Happy Wolf”), “Amitie est Assez” (“Friendship Is Enough”) and “L’Elephante Perdait” (“The Lost Elephant”).
Gwendalyn Stilson, who wrote her story with fellow junior Paris Papac, was in character as the elephant, wearing large ears she’d constructed herself. Like her young audience members, she gave the project a positive review.
“It was really fun,” Stilson said. “This was good. It was a more approachable way to introduce them to French rather just putting words in their face.”
“Ultimately, it is a project that shows students mastering language, but in a fun way,” French teacher Merissa Sadler said. “And it’s a chance to expose younger kids to the language.”

LCHS French students Cyrus Chen and Jeremy Tu collaborated on a book they titled, “Le Loup Heureux.”

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