New Benefit Chair Named for Showcase House of Design

Jill Fosselman

Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts has announced that Jill Fosselman has been selected as the benefit chair for the 2020 Pasadena Showcase House of Design. Fosselman joined the organization in 2008 because she was impressed by how hard the volunteers worked to raise money for music and the arts. “Particularly in an era of declining arts funding, I thought PSHA was a great organization with a very worthy cause,” she said.
One of her goals as benefit chair is to enhance the public’s understanding of the connection between the Showcase House of Design with the music and art programs that PSHA funds. “We want the public to know that we are “more than just a pretty house,” Fosselman said. “It’s important to emphasize the connection between the music and the arts programs we fund and the beautiful, inspirational design that people come to see.”
Fosselman said she is excited to take on the new position this year. “I have such a dedicated, positive, energetic group of volunteers who are truly awesome,” she said. “Showcase couldn’t work without them!”
She is also enthusiastic about having the Showcase House return to the city of Arcadia for the third time. “We are grateful for the support of the Arcadia community and our neighbors, and as such, we are committed to balancing the neighborhood’s quality of life with holding this wonderful event.”
Although inspired by her predecessors, she has taken a look at things that the organization “could be doing better,” and has put some key changes in place. “It’s important to honor our 56-year legacy while evolving to remain timely and relevant,” said Fosselman. Some of the plans underway include bringing daily live performances to the showcase experience. Music and art organizations that have been recipients of PSHA’s Gifts and Grants Program will be performing in the afternoons and at special-ticket concerts on Saturday evenings while the house is open to the public.
“This is such a great opportunity to demonstrate the purpose of our organization, and for our guests to experience what they are funding with their ticket purchase,” she said.
Another important theme that she plans to weave into the event this year is sustainability, both in the operation of the event and in the design areas. Fosselman said she is encouraging designers to think about sustainable products in their design. “We can have beautiful, forward-thinking design but still implement techniques and resources that protect our environment and natural resources,” she said.
Energy-efficient appliances, materials made in a sustainable manner, promotion of recycling and reuse and reducing the amount of waste generated on the property are key priorities. Further, this is the first year guests can take public transit to the Showcase House via the Gold Line, and shuttles will be fueled by Compressed Natural Gas.
For 23 years, Fosselman has resided in Pasadena with her husband and son. Outside her PSHA role, she has volunteered with and served on the boards of the American Red Cross, Union Station Homeless Services and Chandler Family Association, and actively volunteers at her son’s high school. Her professional background is in municipal management and most recently she ran the city of Pasadena’s Fire and Police Retirement System. Fosselman is passionate about travel, live music and watching her son play water polo.
What would she most like to see happen during her term as benefit chair? “Sell out all of our tickets, of course!” she said. “I would like to see happy designers, happy volunteers and happy guests enjoying the house, shops, restaurants and musical performances; overall a vibrant celebration of music and the arts.”
PSHA’s own musical programs include the Music Mobile, youth concert and an instrumental competition.
In addition, PSHA also awards gifts and grants to a diverse list of local and regional nonprofit organizations in support of their efforts in the community. PSHA underwrites concerts to ensure that the joy of live music is available to a broad range of audiences. Its support of nonprofit organizations enriches the community and provides opportunities for a variety of groups, from students to seniors to learn, enjoy and grow from their experiences in these programs. To date, PSHA has donated more than $23 million to music and arts programs throughout Southern California. Additionally, PSHA has a longstanding history of supporting the Los Angeles Philharmonic and its community outreach programs.
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