Pasadena Fraternity Alumni Support Health Dept. Workers

Photo by Erin Rodick / OUTLOOK
Deputy Director Manuel Carmona (front row, left) of the Pasadena Public Health Department is pictured alongside Kappa Alpha Psi’s Christopher Nolan. Middle row: the department’s Susan Kim and Kristopher Pratt with Clarence Guidry. Back: City Manager Steve Mermell, Leo Cablayan, Darryl Qualls, Gerald Freeny and Quincy Nolan.

Members of the Pasadena Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity showed their gratitude to the men and women of the Pasadena Public Health Department by providing lunch recently to the entire staff.
“Two of our members, Darryl Qualls and Gerald Freeny, brought to our attention that health-care professionals are becoming targets of threats during this COVID-19 pandemic for doing their jobs by advising the community on best practices in staying safe,” said Christopher Nolan, president of Pasadena Alumni Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.
“One of the community outreach activities [that our fraternity’s] Pasadena Alumni Chapter participates in is public health awareness. We felt it necessary to show our appreciation for all of the hard work and tough decisions the health-care professionals of the Pasadena Public Health Department face by bringing them a warm meal. It was just one way of saying ‘Thank you’ for the important work they do for our community.”

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