Letters to the Editor

Pleased With Anti-Racism Resolution

We are proud to see that the resolution acknowledging and apologizing for Glendale’s racist history passed unanimously on Sept. 15.
The Coalition for an Anti-Racist Glendale brought together over 500 people to virtually support this resolution, which includes a commitment by the city to implement anti-racist policies and procedures.
We now call on the city of Glendale to hold an open, national search for a city manager who has experience enacting anti-racist, inclusive and equitable policies in local government. Making this type of search a priority would demonstrate that Glendale is turning the corner on racism in both word and deed.

Elizabeth Vitanza
The Coalition for an Anti-Racist Glendale

Make Drivers Muffle Noisy Cars

The noise from modified mufflers here in the Verdugo Woodlands is unbelievable. Where are the police and why don’t they do anything about it? Our homes and property taxes are very expensive. Our quality of life is suffering from the noise 24 hours a day. When a car leaves my street on Glorietta Avenue, it can be heard all the way to Verdugo Park going south or to Montrose going north. Please citizens, call the police and write letters to the editor to see if we can get this stopped.

James Land

Opposes Proposition 15

“We” are stupid!
By “we,” I mean all of the citizens of California.
Jerry Brown mesmerized us into believing we should have a “bullet train” going from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just four hours, and now Gavin Newsom is telling us how special it will be to go between Merced and Bakersfield, 171 miles, for the bargain price of $20.4 billion maybe.
Oh, by the way, the train will run on electricity. I guess that means it will only run during daylight hours when solar and wind are most productive.
And now Newsom has come out in favor of Proposition 15. Surprise, surprise.
Gavin would have us believe it will only raise property taxes on commercial and industrial buildings. Those additional funds would go for education and local government funding.
Local government funding means keeping lucrative pension plans funded, and California already spends too much money per student with very poor results.
And when those taxes are raised, who do you think the owners of those buildings will pass the additional cost on to?
Let me think. You and me.
Vote NO on Proposition 15.

Jim Kussman

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