What’s Happening in ALF’s Parking Lot?

Photo courtesy ALF
Sahak Karapetyan (seated) and Ripsi Yepremyan tune instruments for students of the Assistance League of Flintridge Instrumental Music program.

Drive-up services have been used for many years for many things, but Assistance League of Flintridge’s Instrumental Music program has added a new twist to this experience: Drive-Up Tuning for string instruments.
ALF has made several modifications to its program this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, beginning with a pivot to a virtual format. This allowed ALF to continue this popular community program, which has been in existence since 1985. Going virtual has provided students with the unique opportunity for private and small group lessons, but it also created a challenge for tuning the string instruments.
Since the tuning process requires a specific skill set and students are not equipped to do it themselves, ALF devised Drive-Up Tuning sessions to meet this challenge. String instructors Sahak Karapetyan and Ripsi Yepremyan have perfected the parking lot tuning process using the outside space at ALF. No one needs to leave the car; they just pop the trunk, the instrument is removed, carefully tuned, and then returned to the trunk.
Students and their family members quickly realize and appreciate the difference a well-tuned instrument makes — a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.
The next Drive-Up tuning will be Friday, Feb. 26, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in the parking lot of ALF’s Chapter House, located at 4607 Oakwood Ave.
For further information about Assistance League of Flintridge, visit ALFlintridge.org.