Hillside School Reopens for In-Person Learning

Photo courtesy Hillside School
Edward Shanaughy, James Romans, Roman Moretti-Hitchcock and Josh Silverman are among the students who returned to The Hillside School’s campus recently for the first time in more than a year.

It was an exciting, long-awaited, unusual and emotional day on March 31 as the doors of The Hillside School reopened for in-person learning after the school had been closed for over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hillside welcomed juniors and seniors on campus for in-person instruction on March 31 and will alternate grade levels for
upcoming days. It was not business as usual as students lined up six feet apart, wearing masks, getting their temperature checked and were asked a set of health questions before entering the school.
Some students had never previously seen inside of a Hillside classroom, as this was their first year at the school. For others, this was an exciting way to celebrate their senior year of high school and see some of their classmates in person for the first time this school year.
Some students have opted to remain at home and these students virtually checked in to their classes as the in-person students came to campus.
“Being back on campus with the juniors and seniors was exciting,” said Joao Cortez, school principal. “It has been over a year since these young adults set foot on the HIllside campus and you could see their enthusiasm to get back to in-class instruction. Hopefully, this is a sign that things are starting to return to normal.”
Cyndi Hatcher, executive director, commented, “We are happy to provide a safe place for students to have an opportunity to learn in-person. I also respect the students and families who are remaining to stay at home and we will continue to provide the best support for them as we have strived for this past year.”
For further information, contact The Hillside School and Learning Center at (818) 790-3044.