Officials Urge Free Vaccines Amid COVID Surge

Accompanied by a parent or an adult sibling or by their entire family, students 12 years and older stepped up for a COVID vaccination that would protect them as schools reopen.
With an alarming surge in the city’s infection rate, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health partnered with the Glendale Unified School District to provide walk-up vaccination clinics at each of the public middle and high schools.

The program was initiated by epidemiologist Analissa Becerra Cruz, with the health department’s COVID Education Sector, and coordinated by Cheryl Johnson, COVID Vaccine Program director at Flintridge Pharmacy, who provided vaccines and organized a team of volunteers to administer them. The shots were free of charge, did not require appointments and were available to anyone regardless of age or residence.
Over the course of four days, 271 inoculations were given at eight sites: 31 at Hoover and Toll, 41 at Wilson, 37 at Roosevelt, 54 at Glendale, 35 at Daily, 41 at Crescenta Valley and 32 at Rosemont. Each dose represents protection for the individual and for his or her daily contacts.
“Our city is grateful to the medical personnel, staff, volunteers and supporters who generously gave their time,” a spokesperson said.
Individuals that will be recognized with a commendation by state Sen. Anthony Portantino for their service to the safety of the community are Kasey Anderson, Az AlQudah, Ashley Aquino, Noemi Barrera, Deanna Bushman, Jason Ching, Lilli Colton, Julian De Leon, Jennifer Earl, Hagop “Ago” Eulmesserkian, Alanis Galang, Charisse Ganin Gavin, Sarina Hast, Cheryl Johnson, James Johnson, Robert Johnson, Yenina Lei Lima, Roma Mahrer, Marcus, Matthew, Bronwyn Pollock, Lonnie Root, Neirut Sirirux, Aaron Torio, Sabrina Tu, Tim, Greg Williams, Hagop “Jack” Yeranosyian.

How to Get the Vaccine

Both first and second doses will be available at the following locations between 3 and 5 p.m. on the dates listed. Second doses can be received on or after the date on the back of the vaccination card. Everyone 12 years or older is welcome at any of the sites; participants do not have to be a student. Minors ages 18 and under will need to have a parent or guardian present to sign a consent form.

Wednesday, Aug. 25 — Hoover High School, Toll Middle School
Thursday, Aug. 26 — Wilson Middle School, Roosevelt Middle School
Friday, Aug. 27 — Glendale High School, Daily High School
Wednesday, Sept. 1 — Crescenta Valley High School, Rosemont Middle School