LCHS Alumni Authors Kids’ Book

Remember Foothill Intermediate School? La Cañada Variety? Loren’s Market? Lloyd’s Restaurant? Sport Chalet? Eijis Flowers? Pickel Barrel? The Montrose Theater?
What do they have in common? They’re all part of new audiobook called “Hud,” written and narrated by former La Cañada Flintridge resident Bruce Crandall, who graduated from LCHS in 1982.
Just what is “Hud”? It’s a humorous, family-friendly series of 19 individual escapades geared for children (ages 8 and older) and their parents or other adults who will love to listen in.
“Here’s a taste: Who hasn’t been fooled at least once in their youth by some magic shop gismo purchased by a schoolmate?” said Crandall, the author. “In ‘Hud,’ the joke’s not only on our grade-school hero, Hud, but on the feared assistant principal, too. Further, what kid hasn’t enjoyed the action in a theater movie? In the story, the real adventure isn’t on the big screen, but in secretly (and desperately) escaping from a river of throw up.
“You old – and not-so-old – La Cañadans will likely recognize many of the character names, as well.”
To learn more about “Hud” visit or purchase “Hud” directly on Amazon.