Health Care Internship Gains 16 GHS Students

First published in the Oct. 9 print issue of the Glendale News Press.

Glendale Memorial Hospital picked 16 students from Glendale High School to serve as interns for the institution’s health care professions internship program for the 2021-22 academic year. The selected students are, in alphabetical order, Elan Ankri, Lia Artoon Levaskanni, Krislyn Ayala, Anastasia Babusenko, Lilian Barseghyan, Amy Bravo, Caitlin Jane Calica, Bianca Hinojosa, Sebuh Kivijian, Angela Krikorian, Sheeva Manesh, Angela Markarian, Jordan Martinez, Edrick Massihi, Yara Shoora and Nicole Lyn Vergara. This program offers interns a broad overview and exposure to health care fields and health care professions. During this yearlong program, students will be on-site at the hospital one day a week for a three-hour block of time. Glendale Memorial initially planned to take on 10 interns, but ultimately took 16 based on the strength of their applications. Narineh Makijan, coordinator of GUSD’s college and career division, developed the program with Glendale Memorial. Additional information and programs can be found at