Forum Focuses on Mental Health, School Environment

First published in the Oct. 14 print issue of the Outlook Valley Sun.

The Hathaway Center for Excellence recently hosted a community forum focused on school-related mental health and the ever-changing school environment.
Parents, school administrators, community activists and mental health professionals were invited to the virtual event.
The pandemic school year has revealed stark inequities regarding technology and educational access, particularly among students of color and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. School districts, education staff and families have been required to consider new and strategic engagement strategies as students return to school and various models of learning.
At this community school mental health forum thought leaders, school staff, caregivers and students discussed the issues facing schools in the 2021-22 school year and identify solutions for building and sustaining equitable engagement for students.
Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools Debra Duardo and State Deputy Superintendent of Equity Daniel Lee were the keynote speakers. Other panelist included district representatives, school administrators, students, caregivers, school counselors and school mental health clinicians.
“This forum is a wonderful opportunity to bring a diverse group of individuals — education and mental health professionals and parents and students — to create solutions for the issues facing our school-aged children,” said Cameo Stanick, Hathaway Center for Excellence vice president of training.
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