SMPD Totals Seven Arrests in Two-Day Span

San Marino police officers had their handcuffs full on Oct. 4 and 5, arresting seven suspects in four unrelated incidents within city limits.
In the early hours of Oct. 4, officers arrested a Pasadena man for a vehicle stolen in Beverly Hills and also arrested two female passengers inside the vehicle on suspicion of attempted auto theft of a San Marino resident’s car. Continue reading “SMPD Totals Seven Arrests in Two-Day Span”

PFA Stresses Healthy Mindset

Stress, drugs and talkin’ goals.
Those were the topics of conversation at Partnership for Awareness’ “Not In Our Town” event last week in San Marino, as a panel of four local leaders spoke candidly about issues facing adolescents and challenged parents to re-calibrate their standards of academic expectations during a Q-and-A event co-chaired by Su Viswanathan and Ning Wu. Continue reading “PFA Stresses Healthy Mindset”

New Exhibit: Fallen, Not Forgotten

After a poignant exhibit honoring the fallen soldiers from California debuted earlier this year at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the foundation bearing the 40th president’s name posted a video online featuring imagery from the event interspersed with speeches delivered by Reagan. As the video nears its conclusion, Reagan is on a tarmac to welcome an American soldier’s casket home and quotes John Stuart Mill in his address. Continue reading “New Exhibit: Fallen, Not Forgotten”