Burbank Budget Recovering from Pandemic Fallout

First published in the Dec. 11 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

Burbank’s municipal revenues, though still reduced by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, is bouncing back faster than expected, officials said this week.
In a report to the City Council on Tuesday, financial services director Jennifer Becker said that Burbank’s tax revenues were generally higher last fiscal year, which ended in June, than staff members had hoped. The city’s recurring General Fund revenues — the receipts it anticipates with high certainty — for fiscal year 2020-21 came in at nearly $181 million, about 4.8% higher than the roughly $173 million forecasted, though they were still 2.4% lower than they were in fiscal year 2019-20.
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City Council Approves 2021-22 Budget

The City Council unanimously approved the municipal budget for fiscal year 2021-22 on Tuesday, projecting optimism that Burbank’s finances are beginning to recover from the pandemic.

With businesses reopening and the number of total vaccinations increasing across the county, city officials said they expect tax revenue to recover next fiscal year, which begins in July. Despite that, General Fund recurring revenues are still projected to be nearly $9 million below pre-pandemic expectations.

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