Porch Music Spreads Joy in Time of Confinement

Beong Kim and his wife, Bonnie Wongtrakool, have been putting on weekly porch concerts for their Pasadena neighbors to help spread some cheer during social distancing.

For those strolling the tree-lined knolls surrounding Pasadena during this time of social distancing, you might just happen upon a bit of live classical music, wafting delicately through the air.
It’s not an illusion brought on by cabin fever or a child practicing his instrument, as city Councilmember Andy Wilson initially thought when he first heard neighbor Beong Kim playing his cello out on his front porch.
“I thought I heard live music playing, and assumed some kid was practicing, but then I realized, ‘Hey, that’s not a hack job, that’s really pretty good,’” Wilson laughed.
Toward the end of “confinement, week no. 1,” a certain silence prompted Beong Kim to take up his cello, an instrument he’s played on and off over the years ever since studying music at the Colburn School, years before he decided to pursue law as an academic track.
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City Urges Face Masks, Social Distancing as COVID-19 Cases Grow

With a dramatic rise among Pasadena residents testing positive for COVID-19 this week — totaling 179 cases and 12 deaths associated with the disease as of Tuesday — city officials said they are monitoring social distancing and the use of face masks to try and slow the spread of the virus, as well as continuing to plan for alternate care sites if necessary.
About 47.5% of the confirmed COVID-19 cases were among Pasadena residents 60 years and younger. All the fatalities were of people between 49 and 93 years old, and were associated with long-term care facilities as residents or employees, and had underlying health conditions, the city said in a statement.
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Alliance for SoCal Innovation Strives for Tech Titan Region

Alliance for Southern California Innovation Executive Director Andy Wilson
Photo courtesy Andy Wilson
Alliance for Southern California Innovation Executive Director Andy Wilson, a Pasadena city councilman, explains the nonprofit’s mission to help optimize conditions for SoCal innovators.

Calling all venture capitalists and entrepreneurs: A matchmaking service wants to connect you to that perfect, forever partner in the kind of lasting love that will lead all the way down the aisle — to an IPO, that is.
The Alliance for Southern California Innovation nonprofit organization has hit the ground running, seeking to develop and fortify the region’s technology and startup prowess into a bastion similar to (dare they say it?) Silicon Valley, Northern California’s Holy Grail of high-tech startups. And with the NorCal folk pushing housing prices and the cost of living seemingly to the brink, the Alliance thinks the market saturation there can bring billions in untapped potential to the sunny south, a geographical footprint that extends from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Southern California, in its entirety, is widely recognized as a territory of some 10,000 square miles, 20 million people and a $1.3 trillion economy, the 15th largest in the world. Continue reading “Alliance for SoCal Innovation Strives for Tech Titan Region”

Alliance Names Its First Executive Director

Andy Wilson
Andy Wilson

Serial tech entrepreneur and prominent civic leader Andy Wilson has been selected as the first executive director of the Alliance for Southern California Innovation (the “Alliance”), a nonprofit established to nurture and accelerate the growth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southern California. In the immediate future, the Alliance will develop initiatives to attract seasoned tech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and top talent to Southern California.
As executive director, Wilson will grow the Alliance’s professional staff, execute high-impact programming and expand its collaboration with key players in the SoCal ecosystem, including successful entrepreneurs and top venture capital investors.
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