ReflectSpace Shines Light on City’s Racist Past Through Web Series

In observance of both Black History Month and the city’s reckoning with the racist policies and practices of its past, ReflectSpace has produced a multimedia series that, in multiple episodes, examines those ills and how they have impacted Glendale.
The six-episode series — titled “Reckoning: Racism & Resistance in Glendale” — is available for free on the ReflectSpace website and includes audio presentations of the topics and documentation of various news coverage and other stories that describe the historical racism of Glendale. Interactive maps and 360-degree photos allow viewers to pick, for example, different neighborhoods to learn more details.
The live exhibit comes after city officials prepared a report on Glendale’s historical reputation as a “sundown town,” which through housing covenants largely barred Black people and other minorities from property ownership in the city. Glendale was hostile in other ways, as well, to the Black community — the city was a popular rally spot for Ku Klux Klan groups and more recently housed offices for Nazi-affiliated and other white supremacist groups.

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