Local Group Unveils Armenian-Themed Mural

Photo by Christian Leonard / Burbank Leader
A crowd of city and state officials, school district representatives and members of the local Armenian community stand with artist Pauline Hacopian as she cuts a ribbon at a ceremony introducing her newly created mural.

Burbank for Armenia presented this week what the organization believes is the city’s first public mural depicting Armenian culture.

The group unveiled the mural, created by local resident Pauline Hacopian, during an event on Monday. Displayed on an exterior wall of the Nexus Auto Group and facing North Edison Boulevard, the piece incorporates several aspects of both Armenia and the Los Angeles area.

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Local Woman Makes a Difference — at Home and Abroad

Photo by David Laurell
Lusine Simonyan in 2019 launched Burbank-based Miray Collections, which represents more than 40 Armenian artists.

Every community is blessed with residents that are exceptional by virtue of their commitment to giving back. With their dedication to make life better for others, they are the shining stars in the constellation that make up a community.

Since its incorporation as a city, Burbank has been fortunate to have many such shining stars, including a vibrant young woman named Lusine Simonyan.

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Biden’s Recognition of Armenian Genocide Praised in Burbank

Photo Courtesy Romik Yaghoobimasihi
Mayor Bob Frutos addresses attendees of last Saturday’s event recognizing the Armenian Genocide and memorializing the estimated 1.5 million Armenians killed. Behind him are City Councilmember Nick Schultz, Rep. Adam Schiff, City Councilmember Konstantine Anthony and Reps. Judy Chu, Tony Cárdenas and Jimmy Gomez.

Burbank representatives and a local Armenian community group are commending President Joe Biden’s recent recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
Biden’s announcement was the first made by a United States president recognizing the Ottoman Empire’s killing of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians in present-day Turkey. Last Saturday, April 24, 106 years after the genocide began, his statement was echoed by several local leaders during an event in front of Burbank City Hall.
The chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America in Burbank, which is home to a significant Armenian population, placed a genocide memorial outside the building, at which attendees could leave flowers. City hall was also lit that weekend with the red, blue and orange colors of the Armenian flag.
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