Armed Woman Wounded by Police

First published in the Sept. 4 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

A woman remained hospitalized in critical condition after being shot by at least one California Highway Patrol officer in Glendale while carrying multiple firearms on a freeway interchange, authorities said.
The CHP has disclosed little other information on the shooting, which occurred a week ago and remains under investigation by the agency. Continue reading “Armed Woman Wounded by Police”

City Set to Create Panel on Tenant, Landlord Issues

The city appears poised to assemble a landlord/tenant ad hoc committee after the City Council and the Housing Authority outlined its framework and approved the model this week.
The committee, once formed, will have seven members — three tenants of rental housing, three rental property landlords and one ostensibly neutral party, such as a homeowner’s association representative — whose appointments will be vetted and recommended by the city. They’ll be scheduled to meet monthly for 12 months, with a $50 stipend per person per meeting. Early into the process, the city said it expects to deploy a facilitator to bridge the parties that, at times, can be adversarial.
The group will principally be tasked with assessing the efficacy of the city’s Rental Rights Program and recommending any potential changes to it or other housing policies in the Jewel City. Continue reading “City Set to Create Panel on Tenant, Landlord Issues”

Hiring of Residents Increases Slightly

Data: California Employment Development Department

Glendale’s unemployment rate saw a marginal decrease from June to July, according to state data, with Los Angeles County’s and California’s rates similarly obstinate.
The local rate fell from a revised 10.7% in June to 10.5% in July, the California Employment Development Department reported in a preliminary estimate. The dip represented a decrease in the number of the city’s unemployed residents from about 11,100 to 10,900, whereas the estimate for employed residents increased from 92,300 to 93,000. Glendale’s labor force also rose from 103,400 to 103,900. Continue reading “Hiring of Residents Increases Slightly”

City Council Analyzes Budget Proposal at Special Meeting

Michele Flynn
Director of Finance

City councilmembers aired skepticism at what they deemed to be a relatively upbeat outlook for the upcoming fiscal year, which will assuredly be marred by the continuing market slide and volatility as a result of the pandemic.
Uncertainty, city officials asserted, ultimately plagued any previously reliable projection techniques, which means that the City Council and city administrators are going to have to be much more hands-on in adjusting the bottom line throughout the year once they agree on a budget. The City Council took its first look at what the soon-to-come budget proposal will be at a special meeting Tuesday morning.
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