Comic’s Present to Herself: Lessons From Her Past


Photo courtesy Robin Roberts
Some of the fondest memories Roberts found involved her work as comedic alter ego Rockie the Clown.

Throughout the better part of 2020 ­—― if in fact this year― does have a “better” part —― the pandemic-enforced downtime we’ve been living through has provided many people with the opportunity to do things they have been meaning to do for a long time.
Some have found the time to learn a new skill, return to a creative endeavor they placed on hold, remodel their home, or purge closets and junk drawers.
Local stand-up comedian and children’s entertainer Robin Roberts has also used this time to find something: a better understanding of herself.
Having always used material in her personal journals to give audiences a comedic peek into her simultaneously fulfilled and unfulfilled life, Roberts recently did something she has been putting off for years: Reading through all of her old dairies.
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