Police Release Video of Officer Shooting Nevada Man

Photo courtesy Heather Kahler
Heather Kahler, the wife of a man who died after a Burbank officer shot him three times, described him as someone who cared for his family.

Note: This story describes the video of the shooting but does not display it. The video, which after this story was published was replaced by an updated version that did not say David Kahler had felony convictions, can be viewed on the Burbank Police Department’s YouTube page.

The Burbank Police Department released a video this week of an officer shooting a Nevada man just feet away from his stepson in a local hotel parking lot last month.
The roughly 18-minute edited and narrated video, released on the BPD’s website and social media pages on Wednesday, contains body camera and surveillance footage of the shooting. The department said the footage shows Las Vegas, Nevada resident David William Kahler pointing a handgun at officers after they were called to the Quality Inn Burbank Airport hotel on the morning of March 8 regarding an unattended child — Kahler’s stepson.
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Wife Says She’s ‘Angry’ After Officer Kills Husband

Photo by Christian Leonard / Burbank Leader
The Burbank Police Department said one of its officers shot and killed a man near the Quality Inn on Monday after he pointed a firearm at authorities.

A Burbank police officer shot a man this week while responding to a report that a young boy was wandering around a hotel parking lot unsupervised, the department said. The man later died from the gunshot at a trauma center.
The BPD received a notice on Monday at about 4:45 a.m. that an 8-year-old boy was in the Quality Inn parking lot. After officers found the child, they then met the man determined to be his stepfather, whom police identified as David William Kahler of Las Vegas, Nevada, who was sitting inside a vehicle.
The boy allegedly witnessed the shooting, Heather Kahler, David’s wife and the boy’s mother, told the Burbank Leader.
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