Big Outdoor Event Masking Required as Delta Surges

In an effort to mitigate the spread of the highly-infectious Delta variant of COVID-19, Los Angeles County announced it will update its health order and will require anyone attending a large outdoor event with more than 10,000 people to wear a face covering.
The order went into effect on Aug. 19 and arrives just before the football season, affecting UCLA’s home games at the Rose Bowl, USC’s at the Coliseum and upcoming concerts, including those at the Hollywood Bowl.
“As the highly infectious Delta variant continues to spread, wearing masks — regardless of vaccination status — indoors and in crowded settings, including at outdoor mega events, reduces the risk of being infected with and transmitting COVID-19,” the L.A. County Department of Public Health said in a statement on Aug. 17.

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Local COVID Case Total Likely to Pass 10,000

This article was originally published in the Burbank Leader on Aug. 14

Burbank appeared certain this week to exceed the 10,000 mark for coronavirus cases reported since the start of the pandemic, a grim milestone for a city that is facing a surge of infections despite its high vaccination rate.
The Los Angeles County public health department reported that COVID-19 had infected 9,968 local residents as of Wednesday, according to the most recent statistics available by the Leader’s press deadline on Friday. Roughly 30 or 40 infections a day have been recorded for most of the past week.

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COVID-19: Guidance on Masks Extends to All

Amid a concerning increase in new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations throughout the state, the California Department of Public Health is urging residents to wear masks indoors in public settings, regardless of vaccination status.

The state updated its guidance on face coverings on Wednesday, one day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended masks be worn indoors in places with high coronavirus transmission to prevent the spread of the Delta variant, a reversal from its announcement in May that vaccinated individuals did not need to mask up in most public settings. CDC officials are also recommending that schools reopen in the fall with students and employees wearing masks.

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Delta Variant Marches Through City, Nation

The Delta variant, a mutated strain of COVID-19, continues to rage through the country, accounting for an estimated 83% of recent coronavirus cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this week. And the variant is having a growing effect on California’s health-care system as well.

According to the state Department of Public Health, 2,880 patients were hospitalized due to the coronavirus and 615 were in intensive care units in California as of Friday. On June 21, the CDPH reported 1,223 COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

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