Portantino: ‘Every Idea’ on the Table for Recovery

State Sen. Anthony Portantino, shown here at a prior speaking event, recently discussed how lawmakers were planning recovery from the pandemic.

In a recent public appearance — well, virtual public appearance — state Sen. Anthony Portantino offered a glimpse at what reopening California is slated to look like and how Sacramento is trying to prepare for it.
One of the few crystal clear details is that it’s going to be expensive. Continue reading “Portantino: ‘Every Idea’ on the Table for Recovery”

Local Businessman Assists Single Parents During Pandemic

Mark Holdsworth

When the COVID-19 crisis hit and the “Safer at Home” order was delivered, a local businessman immediately recognized a need. Not for himself, mind you, but for those whom he predicted would be most challenged given the circumstances.
“In our view, single parents truly represent the most vulnerable,” said Mark Holdsworth, founder of the Holdsworth Group, a provider of capital and advisory services to family offices and high net-worth individuals, public and private companies, and boards of directors located in Pasadena. “We are also determined to assist those in the food and beverage and hospitality industries, because these were the first and hardest hit. Many of these people might not get their jobs back as some of their employers have shut down for good.” Continue reading “Local Businessman Assists Single Parents During Pandemic”

COVID-19 Count Up to 11; City Council Preps for Financial Impact

With the city’s confirmed COVID-19 cases growing to 11 based on Tuesday’s announcement from the county, San Marino Fire Chief Mario Rueda encouraged residents to “stay the course” by adhering to social distancing recommendations and to avoid public gatherings whenever possible.
“We are still taking our cues from the experts and they are advising that we stay the course and continue on with our current procedures,” said Rueda in an interview.
Rueda took issue with several resistance efforts across the country by protestors demanding a rapid return to normalcy and a lifting of quarantine efforts. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in strict guidelines against public or private congregation, known as “Safer at Home,” and has shut down all schools and businesses except those considered “essential” in order to contain its spread. Continue reading “COVID-19 Count Up to 11; City Council Preps for Financial Impact”

PUSD Superintendent Offers Update to Families

Brian McDonald

By Brian McDonald
Superintendent, Pasadena Unified School District

Since schools were dismissed, PUSD has served more than 61,000 meals to children in our community. The number of meals served has been rising every week and we remain committed to serving our students and families.
I want to thank PUSD food service workers, volunteers, and all those carrying out essential duties for their work in support of our students and families. I also want to thank all of you for staying at home to flatten the curve and protect our entire community. Your steadfast resolve demonstrates the best of PUSD and the abiding care that we have for each other. It is what makes PUSD remarkable and what will lead us to meeting in person again. Continue reading “PUSD Superintendent Offers Update to Families”