Day of the Dead Embraces Souls of the Past

First published in the Nov. 13 print issue of the Glendale News Press.

The spirits of the departed recently returned to their loved ones for Dia de los Muertos, some visiting Glendale Central Library on their journey to reconnect with the living.
With special offerings galore, the library’s community altar was filled last weekend with sentimental and decorative items brought in love to welcome those from the afterlife, some of which included photos, flowers, sage, a ball of yarn with knitting needles, sugar skulls and a pair of skeleton figures sitting back to back.
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Glendale Library’s Art Recognizes COVID Victims

Photo courtesy Glendale Library, Arts and Culture Department
The art exhibit “15,000 & More: A Plethora of Light & Darkness” was unveiled at the Central Library last week. Artist Connie D.K. Lane uses gold and silver paper ingots to signify each casualty of the coronavirus in Los Angeles County.

The glinting reflection of thousands upon thousands of paper ingots will shine through the windows of Glendale’s Central Library for the next several months, each in memoriam of a Los Angeles County resident who succumbed to the coronavirus this past year.
The gold and silver decorations — each hand-folded into almost a tube shape from square pieces of joss paper — are ordered on long cuts of rope, each of which are now festooned from the ceiling in the library. The dreamy sight will remain through at least June, and whether doors open at the library in the meantime, they are quite viewable from outside. (In fact, officials suggest a night viewing might be ideal.)

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