Idealab Hatches Plan to Feed Families in Need, Bolster Restaurants

The Idealab team, including Managing Directors Tom McGovern and Alex Maleki, has launched a donation drive to feed families in need by ordering through local restaurants.

When Idealab Managing Directors Alex Maleki and Tom McGovern recently heard that Friends In Deed was going to close its food pantry for up to two weeks, putting the local families who depend on its kitchen staples at risk of hunger, they put their heads together.
As if the coronavirus pandemic and its wake of economic ruin wasn’t already bad enough for those left unemployed — many from the restaurant or services sector — but now a local food pantry providing basic dietary needs had to close after an employee exhibited signs of falling ill with COVID-19.
In a serendipitous moment, the Idealab partners lamented about the fate of their favorite Old Town Pasadena eateries, also standing idle due to the “Safer at Home” order that bans public gatherings. What if they helped out one of their longtime favorites, the Kitchen Italian Café and Pizzeria, by ordering a bunch of pizzas and delivering them to the hungry clientele families at Friends In Deed? Wait, what if everybody who could, did the same? Continue reading “Idealab Hatches Plan to Feed Families in Need, Bolster Restaurants”

Buck, Urata Headline ‘Challenge Success: Building Your Path’ Event

La Cañada High School, in conjunction with the LCHS Alumni Association, is sponsoring the first “Challenge Success: Building Your Path” event from 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 8, at LCHS.


It will feature two highly acclaimed keynote speakers: Chris Buck, an Academy Award-winning director of the Disney animation feature “Frozen,” and Dr. Mark Urata, a renowned surgeon and head of the Plastic Surgery Division at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
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