Los Angeles Sues FAA Over Burbank Airport Frustrations

Photo by Christian Leonard / Burbank Leader
The Hollywood Burbank Airport’s replacement terminal project appears to have hit a roadblock, with the city of Los Angeles suing the Federal Aviation Administration in an attempt to force it to address potential noise and air traffic concerns related to the project.

The city of Los Angeles sued the Federal Aviation Administration this week, saying its concerns regarding the terminal replacement project at the Hollywood Burbank Airport were not considered when the FAA allowed the project to move forward.

If the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules in favor of the city, which filed the lawsuit on Monday, it would present an obstacle for the controversial terminal project. L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer argued in a news release that the FAA failed to address the city’s concerns about potential noise, air quality and traffic impacts caused by the project.

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Tinhorn Flats Evicted by Owner’s Ex-Wife

Photo courtesy Jesse Schoem
Tinhorn Flats Saloon and Grill was evicted from the property by the restaurant owner’s former wife — the property owner — on Tuesday, the city of Burbank said.

Restaurants in Burbank and across California experienced the lifting of capacity limits and social distancing requirements on Tuesday morning. Tinhorn Flats Saloon and Grill wasn’t one of them.

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LCUSD: Lawsuit by Students Alleging Racism ‘Resolved’

A lawsuit filed by the families of four former La Cañada High School students last year alleging racial discrimination on the part of La Cañada Unified School District, site administration and an LCHS teacher in relation to an alleged student cheating incident has been resolved, LCUSD Superintendent Wendy Sinnette said in a statement Wednesday.
“There was no monetary settlement provided by the district or its representative agencies in this matter,” Sinnette said.
The lawsuit, filed in September 2019, was related to discipline issued regarding an alleged coordinated cheating effort on a test in an Advanced Placement European history class in October 2018. In the civil complaint that was obtained by The Outlook and is public record, four students and their guardians accused LCHS’ principal and a history teacher of helping enact a “covert and systemic policy of discrimination against Korean students.” The student plaintiffs received zeros as discipline and were required to essentially drop the class after it was claimed that they cheated on the test.
LCUSD said that as part of resolving the lawsuit, each of the four students signed a document that effectively retracts and denies all claims of racism by any LCUSD employees.
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LCUSD Stands by Staff Accused in Lawsuit Alleging Discrimination

The La Cañada Unified School District said it is fully supporting staff members and a teacher who were accused in a civil lawsuit of unfairly targeting Korean American students after four high school pupils were disciplined for allegedly cheating on an AP European History exam last year. The lawsuit also alleges discriminatory behavior by certain La Cañada High School staff members. Continue reading “LCUSD Stands by Staff Accused in Lawsuit Alleging Discrimination”

Superintendent, Settlement Top SMUSD Leaders’ Concerns

Although the San Marino Unified School District Board of Education did not reach a decision last week on its next step regarding the soon-to-be-open superintendent job, it was poised to take another closed-session crack at it during a meeting this week.
In another matter taking place behind closed doors, district officials also continue to hammer out a settlement agreement in a lawsuit they are facing.
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School Officials, Norgaard Spar Over Restraining Order Request

Attorneys for San Marino school board member Chris Norgaard said this week that a statement filed in court by Superintendent Alex Cherniss is a public smear against the longtime official and also disputed an assertion that Norgaard’s application for a restraining order was untimely.
Norgaard’s request for a temporary restraining order — the second he has filed this month in federal court, after an earlier application was rejected — seeks to allow Norgaard to take part in meetings with the four other school board members to evaluate Cherniss’ job performance, even though Norgaard is now suing all of them for alleged defamation and violations of his civil rights. Continue reading “School Officials, Norgaard Spar Over Restraining Order Request”

LCUSD Injury Lawsuit Settled Before Trial

The lawsuit by the family of a La Cañada High School student injured as a result of a fall from the La Cañada High School bleachers during a 2016 assembly was settled April 11, according to documents filed with the Superior Court of California.
The trial, which was continued three times, had been scheduled to begin April 17. Instead, La Cañada School District and attorneys representing student Ethan Kalnins reached a settlement. Continue reading “LCUSD Injury Lawsuit Settled Before Trial”

Delayed Again, LCHS Injury Trial Set for April 17

The trial involving a La Cañada High School student injured as a result of a fall from the school bleachers during an assembly was continued a third time Monday, said Robert Glassman, the attorney for the family of LCHS senior Ethan Kalnins.
Glassman said the trial, which he expects could last several weeks, now is set to begin on Tuesday, April 17, at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles.
“We showed up to court ready to go and the lawyers for the district came up with another excuse for delaying this trial,” Glassman said Monday. “It’s quite frustrating and I voiced that to the judge this morning. I told him, ‘We really would like to see this trial start and they just keep coming up with one excuse after another for delaying the truth from coming out.’” Continue reading “Delayed Again, LCHS Injury Trial Set for April 17”

LCHS Family Lawsuit vs. School District Set for Trial Jan. 22

The family of a La Cañada High School special education student is suing the school district, claiming that negligence by district employees resulted in the boy being seriously injured when he fell from the bleachers during an assembly on May 20, 2016 in Hotchkin Gymnasium.
The case is scheduled to go to trial Jan. 22. Attorney Robert Glassman will argue that the district’s failure to install guardrails on the bleachers from which Ethan Kalnins, who suffers from cerebral palsy, fell. The fall caused a fractured hip and led to resulting physical, emotional and psychological duress, Glassman said.

Guardrails have been added to the bleachers in Hotchkin Gymnasium at La Cañada High School following a lawsuit that stemmed from the fall that injured student Ethan Kalnins, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

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Ex-LCE Principal Amends Lawsuit

Christine Castillo
Christine Castillo

Christine Castillo, the former La Cañada Elementary School principal, has amended her lawsuit against La Cañada Unified School District to include wrongful termination, her attorney Ben Meiselas said Wednesday.
Late last year, Castillo filed suit against the district, alleging that officials discriminated against her by subjecting her to unfair treatment that included demotion and reassignment when she told them she was pregnant shortly after being hired in 2012. Continue reading “Ex-LCE Principal Amends Lawsuit”