Partnership for At-Risk Youth Seen as Symbiotic

Photo courtesy Diana Ramirez
Two nonprofit organizations, led by Give-Mentor-Love Foundation founder Donna Pierson (left) and Learning Works Charter School founder/CEO Mikala Rahn, have forged a partnership this year that is seen strengthening educational support for at-risk youth after high school.

Amid the unprecedented hardships and tragedies due to the peripheral pandemic fallout this past year, Pasadena’s nonprofit organizations have been seen rallying in creative and unusual ways to help fill the gap and heightened need.
While some organizations have worked around the clock to provide food, shelter or healthcare, others have pivoted to offer different services to meet their clients’ changing needs.
Others, meanwhile — such as Give-Mentor-Love Foundation and Learning Works Charter School — have dug deep to forge a new partnership to improve their core mission: serving Los Angeles County at-risk youths and young adults who are in crises, help them achieve high school diplomas and set them on a path to success.
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Give-Mentor-Love Foundation Names New Director

Photo courtesy Diana Ramirez
Kathy Lee is the Give-Mentor-Love Foundation’s new director of Community Services.

The Give-Mentor-Love Foundation has recently announced the expansion of its operations and created a community service role in the Pasadena Foothills area headed by Kathy Lee, naming her director of community services.
Give-Mentor-Love is a nonprofit organization serving Los Angeles County youths and young adults in crisis, who are at risk, homeless or in foster care, and victims of human trafficking. Lee is supervising a significant, immediate and continued support endeavor, tasked with being a power of example of guidance, unconditional love and leadership for the long term.
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Learning Works Gives Kids Last Shot at High School Diploma

Graduation day was just around the corner for about 70 seniors at Learning Works Charter School, but there were still projects and chapters to complete, papers to turn in, and the tense, palpable energy in the school’s “factory” room reflected as much.
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