Broadway Theater District Tour Is Nov. 7

The Glendale-based Museum of Neon Art and journalist Edmon Rodman will “shed light” on the history of the Broadway theater district in Downtown Los Angeles during a two-hour walking tour on Sunday, Nov. 7, and Sunday, Dec. 5.
Broadway’s historical district is one of the most intact, yet little known, historical corridors connected to Jewish immigrant experience in the United States, according to the announcement from MONA. Through signage, archival objects and stories, Rodman will reconstruct fascinating stories behind the Jewish immigrants who helped make L.A., and the U.S., what they are today.
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Neon Artist Talks Offered Weekly Through Museum

Photo courtesy Museum of Neon Art
Artist Robert Haus is slated to discuss how he uses his background in neon sign restoration combined with his academic knowledge of the medium to produce his art in a virtual presentation for the Museum of Neon Art next week.

The Museum of Neon Art continues to offer free “Out of the Fire – Artist Talks” via Zoom at 6:30 p.m. Fridays, with past talks being archived on the museum’s website.
These talks are specially designed for an interactive Zoom experience, according to MONA. Since launching on Feb. 19, the program has attracted a worldwide audience and enables the audience and artist to interact with each other in the chatroom. Artists from across the country provide a presentation about their career and artistic process, followed by a lively dialogue moderated by MONA.
“The ‘Out of the Fire – Artist Talk’ format feels like having a show and tell with some of the most brilliant artists in neon, electric and kinetic art today,” MONA Executive Director Corrie Siegel said in a statement. “It has been a delight to use the democratizing medium of Zoom to have candid conversations with our community about technique, overcoming personal trauma, neon history, and collaboration.”

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Museum of Neon Art Offers Digital Tour of City

The Museum of Neon Art is kicking off the year with digital tours of Los Angeles County neighborhoods, starting this month with Glendale, and then kicking off the Lunar New Year in February with a Chinatown Zoom tour.
These tours have been made specifically for the Zoom platform, and enable viewers to be transported back in time through vintage film clips and photographs.
“As we enter into 2021, MONA continues to pivot, and find creative and safe ways to serve our community,” MONA Executive Director Corrie Siegel said in a statement. “When our socially distanced in-person tours were no longer possible, our team brainstormed ways to provide a unique experience that we could not otherwise offer in person. We are looking forward to sharing the light and rare vintage photographs and film clips with our audience.”
The “Glendale, Illuminated” tour will be at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29. Virtual attendees will join Siegel and MONA board member Arlene Vidor for an hourlong presentation that tracks the history of Glendale through its signage using archival photographs, present day images and film clips. The tour will follow the development of neon as technology and art form from the early 1900s through the present and highlight how it mirrors the growth of Glendale into a modern city.
“Tune in to see how Glendale shaped car culture, supermarkets, and even ice cream, as well as how Glendale fosters innovation in neon art today,” the tour’s promotion reads.
The “Chinatown Aglow” tour will be at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12, and will pair Siegel with veteran L.A. tour guide and onetime MONA board member Eric Evavold in a virtual look at the history of the nation’s only planned Chinatown.
Tickets for Zoom presentations will be $5 per device for museum members and $10 per device for general audiences. They can be purchased at