Street Resurfacing to Involve About 150 Blocks

Photo by Christian Leonard / Burbank Leader
Cracks in some residential roads, including this part of North Catalina Street, will be repaired in an upcoming street resurfacing project beginning in October.

Burbank will start a $5.4 million street resurfacing project — the largest and most expensive task of its type in at least a decade — sometime in October.
The project, the concluding phase of a 10-year cycle of resurfacing, will cover about 150 city blocks in two zones that include parts of the neighborhoods surrounding the Hollywood Burbank Airport. The zones stretch from the south side of Victory Boulevard to the Burbank city limit at Cohasset Street, and border Los Angeles to the west and Buena Vista Street to the east, according to city civil engineer Omar Moheize, the project manager.
This phase of the project, funded by a mixture of grants and state and local taxes, is expected to reach completion by March 2021, Moheize said, with nothing taken from the city’s general fund. Residents can expect to see streets with serious cracks and potholes refurbished. The roads will also be inspected and improved to meet Americans With Disabilities Act requirements.

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