Adios, Amigos

By Frank “Paco” Ruiz, Special to the Outlook

I’m so very, very sorry to inform all of you about Paco’s Barbershop closing up on Saturday, Nov. 18. I would like to extend a most sincere and heartfelt “Thank You” for 57 years of having the honor and privilege to serve you.
When the shop opened in September 1960, your children were growing and your parents allowed my staff and me to serve you and enjoy your progress. How fulfilling it was to see what great jobs your parents did with all of you. And it didn’t stop there — we also enjoyed your parents becoming grandparents and great grandparents! Continue reading “Adios, Amigos”

After 57 Years, Paco’s Barber Shop to Close Nov. 18

After 57 Years, Paco’s Barber Shop to Close Nov. 18, in town recently for his 20th class reunion, had to make time for his last haircut at Paco’s Barber Shop.
“I looked online when I was planning my trip and I saw he was retiring,” said Behlendorf, a La Cañada High School graduate who’s a professor of Homeland Security at the University of Albany in New York. “I thought he might have closed already, but when I saw he was still open, I thought, I’ve got to get out there! He’s the best barber I’ve ever had.”
All of the goodbyes have not been easy for the shop’s owner, Frank “Paco” Ruiz, but he’s prepared to say a lot of them at a “Thank you, La Cañada” party from noon-3 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 19, the day after the shop closes following 57 years of quality haircuts, conversation, neck massages, lollipops and laughs. Continue reading “After 57 Years, Paco’s Barber Shop to Close Nov. 18”

Barbershop Owner Named Grand Marshal for Fiesta Days

Whenever he rides out of town, Frank Ruiz will be doing it in style.
After opening Paco’s Barber Shop in La Cañada Flintridge 57 years ago, Ruiz is trying to sell the establishment to another barber. As a thank-you — and perhaps a parting gift — for all he’s meant to the community, the good-natured, 83-year-old Air Force veteran has been named grand marshal of the 43rd Fiesta Days Parade, said Pat Anderson, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. Continue reading “Barbershop Owner Named Grand Marshal for Fiesta Days”