BPD: Local Crime Continued to Drop in August

First published in the Oct. 2 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

Crime reports in Burbank fell from July to August, according to recently released police data, continuing a downward trend.
The Burbank Police Department recorded 212 Part 1 Index Crime reports in August, down from 224 in July and 236 in June. So far this year, the BPD has received an average of 223 such reports a month.
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Police Department Reports Show Slight Uptick in Crime

Data Source: Burbank Police Department

Crime in Burbank is showing early signs of returning to — even surpassing — pre-pandemic levels, according to January data from the Burbank Police Department.
More crimes are generally reported in December and January than many other months in Burbank, an analysis of the data showed. And after a period last year of a somewhat reduced number of crimes reported often attributed to restrictive health orders, early figures this year show incidents rising again.
Last month, the BPD reported, there were a total of 277 Part 1 “index crime” reports, up from 263 reports in December, which itself had a marked increase from 222 in November.
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