Pasadena Chamber Organizes Donation Campaign For ‘Food For First Responders’

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce is raising money through its foundation to purchase meals from local restaurants for delivery to emergency room personnel as well as first responders and urgent care center staff, Chamber CEO Paul Little said. The Food for First Responders effort will deliver fresh food from local restaurants to emergency rooms, urgent care centers and first responders in the local community.
“This is not an original idea,” Little said. “I saw an article in the L.A. Times about a similar effort in Oakland and thought this would be a great way to both help the people on the front lines of the COVID-19 coronavirus response and our local restaurants. It is important for us to let the Emergency Room personnel and everyone who is dealing first-hand with the COVID-19 pandemic understand how much we appreciate them. We are doing this small thing to help them continue with their work.”
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Restaurants Help ‘Food For First Responders’ Deliver Meals to Urgent Care Workers

The Food for First Responders Program bought lunch from Pasadena Sandwich Company for Exer Urgent Care’s staff.

A contingent of popular Pasadena restaurants are providing food in supporting workers on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 in the Chamber of Commerce’s Food For First Responders Program.
“Through the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Foundation, we have raised money to deliver food to Exer Urgent Care in East Pasadena and have arranged for some of our local restaurants to provide take-out for critical care workers assisting COVID-19 patients at Huntington Hospital,” said Pasadena Chamber CEO Paul Little. “We are happy to do a little something for the healthcare workers who do so much to keep us all safe and healthy.”
Beginning two weeks ago, Pasadena Sandwich Company and Raffi’s Catering and Banquet began delivering food to Exer Urgent Care. Exer works with Huntington Hospital to relieve the strain on emergency room personnel by providing non-life threatening urgent care services.
This past weekend, Food For First Responders is beginning the take-out program for Huntington Hospital’s critical care workers in partnership with Parkway Grill, Mijares Mexican Restaurant, Mi Piace, Green Street Restaurant, El Portal and Bistro 45.
“People and organizations in the Pasadena area are incredibly generous,” Little said. “They want to provide help and support for the people doing the front-line work and this was one way they could help. They also want to support our local restaurants as they struggle to remain open. We’re very grateful to all the donors and will continue the effort until the ‘Safer at Home’ orders are lifted and our critical care workers and first responders are no longer dealing with coronavirus patients.”

Huntington Hospital critical care workers receive take-out meals at Mi Piace courtesy of Food for First Responders.

To donate, visit and click on the link to donate to Food for First Responders. People can also send check to Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Foundation at 44 North Mentor Avenue, Pasadena, 91106. “One hundred percent of money collected will be used to purchase and deliver food to local emergency rooms as well as first responders and those staffing urgent care centers here in Pasadena,” Little said. “We encourage people to donate as much or as little as they can afford.”

Step Up to Support Pasadena Businesses

By Paul Little, Special to The Outlook

Paul Little
President and CEO, Pasadena
Chamber of Commerce

We are in an unprecedented health crisis here in the United States and in the Pasadena area. Everyone — individuals, businesses, nonprofits and health-care providers — is being strained by the epidemic. While absolutely necessary to ensure the health of our residents, closure orders for restaurants, entertainment venues, meeting spaces, fitness studios and more are having a drastic and negative impact on our business community and its employees.
This is an especially difficult time for our retail, restaurant and service businesses. Most remain open and providing service, though in dramatically altered ways. Restaurants are offering takeout service, delivery and curb-side/valet pickup.
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