Bachmann Collaboration Building Completed at Flintridge Prep

Photos courtesy Rafael Najarian
Flintridge Preparatory School’s Bachmann Collaboration Building is three stories and 18,000 square feet.

The new Bachmann Collaboration Building at Flintridge Preparatory School was recently completed by C.W. Driver Companies, a premier builder serving California since 1919.
Serving grades 7-12, the new 18,000-square-foot, three-story building — named for former headmaster Peter Bachmann, who guided the school for four decades — includes laboratories, art studios, classrooms, meeting rooms and offices where students and faculty will come together to learn and grow.
The structure, which replaced an existing building at the northern end of the campus, is part of the school’s multi-phased campus improvement project intended to promote interactive work and interdisciplinary studies that will better prepare students for college and the workplace. Encompassing leadership, science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics as well as global studies programs, the new building will ensure the school’s regional and national competitiveness, Prep leaders believe.

Peter Bachmann

The board decided to name the new addition in honor of recently retired Bachmann. During his 40-year career at Prep, he developed an environment in which students were encouraged to dream big and collaborate often.
“The citizen of the future is going to need to work and learn in different ways than they have in the past,” said Bachmann. “This new space will facilitate a new kind of teaching and learning, providing students with the ability to collaborate, be creative and learn across departments.”
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Flintridge Prep Introduces New Mascot: the Wolves

The times are changing, and so is the mascot at Flintridge Preparatory School.
A school community-wide email sent by Prep Headmaster Peter Bachmann announced that the new mascot, the Wolves, will replace the Rebels starting July 1.
The decision to change mascots was made as a board resolution in January, and was the culmination of what the email said were “many meaningful and spirited discussions across campus over several years.” The process included the appointment of a multi-constituency mascot committee and a board oversight committee.
“We have recognized the controversial nature of our former mascot and have sought an adequate solution for years,” said Nicole Trevor, Prep’s director of communications. “It is worth noting that in 2014, the school also considered changing the mascot completely, but ultimately the school decided to rebrand instead.”
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Church Leaders, Educators Discuss Youth Challenges

Photo courtesy Todd Reynolds
Among those who attended a recent summit of church and educational leaders are (front row, from left) Wendy Sinnette, Kip Glazer, Rosemary Johnston, D.J. Severin, Tanya Wilson, Sister Celeste Botello, Allison Clay, Father Christopher Iwancio, Will Moffitt, Lucinda Guarino and the Rev. Chuck Osburn. Back: Connie Knight, Peter Bachmann, Ian McFeat, Katie Phillips-Rector, David Gill, Jim Cartnal, the Rev. Anthony Keller, Rick Callister, Kyle Sears, Andrew Shaw, Eddie Mariel, the Rev. Msgr. Antonio Cacciapuoti and the Rev. Jeff Hoffmeyer.

Church leaders in La Cañada Flintridge recently invited educational leaders to lunch at La Cañada Presbyterian Church. The purpose was to better understand the challenges facing today’s youth and to identify some ways the local churches can be more helpful to students and their families.
Principals, headmasters, counselors and disciplinarians shared many of the most acute and many of the most pervasive challenges their students are facing in their learning experience. The collective wisdom of these educational leaders proved valuable to church leaders and will help them reshape their efforts with young people and their families going forward.
Representatives from La Cañada Unified School District, St. Francis High School, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, Flintridge Preparatory School and the Community Prevention Council had unique perspectives and shared some common challenges — stress, anxiety and depression were common, as were various destructive coping mechanisms (substance abuse, technology and social media abuse, and self-isolation).
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LCF Greenlights Flintridge Prep Campus Project

The City Council last week upheld the Planning Commission’s decision allowing Flintridge Prep’s multi-phased campus improvement project to move forward. The council indicated it plans to approve a resolution that will incorporate more updates to the plan at its next meeting on Dec. 5.
Sally Ametrano, a neighbor who lives immediately next to the campus, appealed the Planning Commission’s Oct. 16 ruling, saying she objected to the private school’s plans to build a 17,205 square-foot, 42-feet, 6-inch classroom structure — a Collaborative Leadership Building — in place of the current 3,325-square-foot Alumni House located 23 feet from the property line.
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Flintridge Prep Campus Projects Get Green Light

Flintridge Prep got the go-ahead this week to build a new 17,205-square foot Collaborative Leadership Building and to install 60-foot lights on its athletic field as part of a multi-phase campus improvement project.
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Candidates Debate Progress, Safety for Two Council Seats

The three candidates for two open La Cañada Flintridge City Council seats spent an evening together last week at a forum at Flintridge Prep seeking to distinguish themselves in the only debate ahead of the March 7 election.

OUTLOOK photo City Council candidates Dave Spence, Jonathan Curtis and Keith Eich shared their thoughts last week during a forum staged by the Coordinating Council at Flintridge Prep.
City Council candidates Dave Spence, Jonathan Curtis and Keith Eich shared their thoughts last week during a forum staged by the Coordinating Council at Flintridge Prep.

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Flintridge Prep’s Bachmann Celebrates 25 Years as Headmaster

Slow and steady wins the race. Many of us have heard this classic proverb, associated with Aesop’s fable “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Its lesson that consistent, effective effort leads to more success than accelerated doggedness has stood the test of time, and this moral rings especially true for Flintridge Prep Headmaster Peter Bachmann. Celebrating his 25th year at the helm of one of America’s most prestigious independent schools, the teacher and author reflected on the past quarter-century while sitting in his office during a recent afternoon. Continue reading “Flintridge Prep’s Bachmann Celebrates 25 Years as Headmaster”