Council Pumps Brakes on Speed Limit Hike

City Council members spoke against raising the speed limit on a small portion of San Fernando Boulevard, a choice that would suspend police officers’ ability to enforce the limit there with laser technology for some time.

Citing safety concerns, the Burbank City Council agreed to slow down on potential increases to the speed limit on part of San Fernando Boulevard.

The city’s Public Works Department proposed Tuesday to increase the speed limit by 5 mph on both stretches of the road — which is divided by train tracks — between Winona Avenue and the northern city limit near Hollywood Way. The change would have shifted the speed limit on the northern side of the boulevard to 35 mph and on the other side to 40 mph.

The council removed those two street segments from a speed survey that it will vote on during its next meeting on Aug. 10. If the council approves the survey, local police officers won’t be able to enforce the speed limits on those roughly 0.8-mile-long stretches with laser technology. Police could clock vehicles’ speeds by tracking them for a quarter-mile or more, but city staff members noted the method requires too much of the department’s resources to be effective.

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GWP Leader to Retire After 34 Years With City

Steve Zurn

Steve Zurn announced this week he will retire as general manager of Glendale Water and Power on Dec. 31, marking the second retirement of a prominent city administrator this fall.
The departure of Zurn, who has been with the city for more than 34 years, follows longtime City Manager Yasmin Beers’ October exit. The city’s plan for possibly appointing an interim GWP leader and searching for Zurn’s successor was not immediately clear.
The city named Zurn as the head of the utility in 2012, after he’d served as the interim general manager for around five months. At that time, he also was the city’s public works director, a job he started in 2003 and held through 2014.
His prior roles with the Public Works Department included budget officer, project manager, special project liaison and assistant director/chief administrative officer.

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Street Resurfacing to Involve About 150 Blocks

Photo by Christian Leonard / Burbank Leader
Cracks in some residential roads, including this part of North Catalina Street, will be repaired in an upcoming street resurfacing project beginning in October.

Burbank will start a $5.4 million street resurfacing project — the largest and most expensive task of its type in at least a decade — sometime in October.
The project, the concluding phase of a 10-year cycle of resurfacing, will cover about 150 city blocks in two zones that include parts of the neighborhoods surrounding the Hollywood Burbank Airport. The zones stretch from the south side of Victory Boulevard to the Burbank city limit at Cohasset Street, and border Los Angeles to the west and Buena Vista Street to the east, according to city civil engineer Omar Moheize, the project manager.
This phase of the project, funded by a mixture of grants and state and local taxes, is expected to reach completion by March 2021, Moheize said, with nothing taken from the city’s general fund. Residents can expect to see streets with serious cracks and potholes refurbished. The roads will also be inspected and improved to meet Americans With Disabilities Act requirements.

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