USC-VHH Obtains Drug OK’d for COVID-19 Cases

As the global battle against the coronavirus persists, doctors at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital have been able to join select others nationwide in deploying what can hopefully be a key weapon in curtailing the deadly virus.
After clinical trials, government officials recently made the drug remdesivir available to hospitals for emergency use on COVID-19 inpatients who meet specific criteria. Though initially developed by the pharmaceutical company Gilead as a hepatitis C treatment (for which it was unsuccessful), the drug was later tested for use against the Ebola virus, SARS and also MERS — the latter two of which are also infections from coronaviruses.
“We were one of the hospitals that did get it and we have already started the process of giving [it to] the patients who qualify for it,” explained Dr. Armand Dorian, chief medical officer at USC-VHH, in an interview this week. “We have now given it to six patients here who have so far improved, so we’re happy with the results we’re seeing.”
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